Carnival in Grenada is chocablock with colorful costumes Photo Credit Pure Grenada


Carnival  Packages  Offered by Island Routes 

MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA – JULY 2022 –   Caribbean Carnival season is in full swing as Island Routes offers front-row seats to travelers looking for a unique Carnival experience.  A big draw for partyers and those traveling with them, Carnivals blend masquerades, dance, food, and street theatre with feathered costumes, spirited parties, and seaside celebrations throughout the Caribbean.  Island Routes ups the summer ante with experiential packages to beat the band. For more information, visit or call 1-877-574-1089 for details.

Island Routes is offering Carnival experiential packages Photo Credit Island Routes

Antigua’s Carnival: Road March in the capital city, St John’s

Date: August 1-2, 2022 

The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival unfolds with a combination of artistic and cultural talent, music, steel bands, and calypso; the main parade is all the rage with music bands, and revelers in colorful, feather costumes, bringing the city to life. 

Summer Carnival in Antigua is the biggest party of the year Photo Credit Caribbean Views

Barbados’ Carnival: Crop Over – Kadooment Day

Date: August 1, 2022 

Crop Over, as the Barbados Carnival is called, is a colorful sea of culture that takes place over the course of 3 months. The festival got its name from the country’s formative days as the world’s largest producer of sugarcane. At the end of a successful year of harvest, they celebrated with a party known as the ‘Crop Over Celebration’. The 3-month celebration ends with the Grand Kadooment which is a road march through the island.

Superstar Rihanna salutes the CropOver Summer Festival in Barbados Photo Credit

Grenada’s Carnival:  J’ouvert and Mass

Date: August 8-9, 2022 

The Grenada Carnival is a two-day celebration of J’ouvert and street parties. J’ouvert is a colorful explosion of paints, mixed in with revelers coated in Mud and Pitch Oil, while others come running dressed as Jab Jab, otherwise called Lucifer. It is held in the early morning giving a break to gear up for the parade which starts in the afternoon; and leads into one of the Caribbean’s biggest LED street parties.

Spicemas 2022 in Grenada sizzles in August Photo Credit Pure Grenada

About Island Routes 

Born from an idea to share the beauty of the Caribbean with the rest of the world, Island Routes launched its footprint in 2009, committed to inspiring visitors to get off the grid and dive into the heart of the islands where setting sail, grabbing the reins, exploring lush peaks and tasting rich flavors are the experiences that become lasting memories. Island Routes currently offers experiences in 13 destinations: Antigua; Aruba; the Bahamas; Barbados; the Cayman Islands; Dominican Republic; Grenada; Jamaica; Mexico; Saint Lucia; St. Maarten; the Turks & Caicos Islands and recently unveiled Curaçao. The company leads the Caribbean experiential charge having received the World Travel Award for “World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company” eleven years and has set the tour industry standard by becoming the only tour company to receive a Six Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS). /

Grand Kadooment Day is the highlight of the Crop Over Carnival in Barbados Photo Credit @VisitBarbados